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Migrate Your Visual Basic Apps to Xojo

Xojo is a great alternative to Visual Basic. Migrating to Xojo from VB has many advantages, including:

  • Support for multiple platforms, including Windows, OS X, Linux and the web
  • Ability to develop on Windows, OS X or Linux
  • A fully object-oriented programming language
  • Fully supported and regularly updated

To help people migrate from Visual Basic to Xojo, we just posted a small update to our VB Migration Assistant tool that makes it easier to use.

The Visual Basic Migration Assistant (VBMA) is a tool that can migrate your VB6 (and VB.NET) projects into a Xojo project to make it easier for you to get started with your Xojo migration.

The updated version is now a Cocoa app on OS X, adds some additional screens of help information to the wizard and fixes a few bugs when migrating items in certain types of VB projects. You can read the release notes included with the download for more information.

VBMA migrates the following VB project items to Xojo:

  • Project structure
  • Form layouts
  • Source code

Once the project is in Xojo, you can begin the process of updating everything to work with Xojo. Keep in mind that VBMA does not convert or modify the VB source code at all. The code is simply migrated as is (as comments) for you to review. Although the Xojo programming language is similar to Visual Basic, the two languages and frameworks are not identical. Translating code between different programming languages is not a task that can be well automated, but VBMA can still save you time compared to starting from scratch.