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The End of Carbon Support

In June of last year we deprecated our support for Carbon. If the word “deprecated” doesn’t mean anything to you, it means that we are no longer updating it. Our Cocoa framework is in very good shape and most of you have been able to easily transition your apps over to building for OS X using the Cocoa framework. It will soon be time to take another step.

As you know, we are hard at work on support for iOS. For a lot of technical details that are beyond the scope of this post, the Carbon framework is interfering with our iOS support. We have made the decision to remove Carbon from Xojo beginning with Xojo 2014 Release 3, due this Fall. It was our original intention to support Carbon until sometime next year, but because it interferes with our iOS support we are removing it sooner than expected.

I’m telling you about this change now to give those of you still building with Carbon some time to make the move to Cocoa. You can of course continue to build with Carbon using Xojo 2014r2 until you are ready to move to Cocoa. But if you are only being held back from moving to Cocoa by a bug, please contact support as soon as you can. We will help you find a workaround and/or see if we can get the bug fixed.

Sometimes moving forward requires leaving the past behind.