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Month: September 2013

Microsoft is the Anti-Apple

This week Microsoft posted a series of videos on YouTube clearly mocking Apple’s creative process. One of the actors is obviously supposed to be Jonathan Ive. Some have said the other bears a resemblance to Steve Jobs and that if that’s who they were mocking, it’s in poor taste. While Microsoft is no stranger to poor taste, I think they were mocking Tim Cook, not Steve Jobs.

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Secure Web App Login Screens

More and more customers are using Xojo to create applications that may contain private end-user information. This means that it’s becoming increasingly important that your web applications be protected with an SSL certificate and some kind of authentication to make sure the user is who they claim to be.

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Progress Report: iOS Support in Xojo

Update: Xojo iOS was released in Xojo 2014r3. Download Xojo today and try it today or give us 5 minutes and watch how easy it is get started with Xojo iOS!

We are continuing to work hard on support for building iOS apps with Xojo. We believe Xojo will provide the easiest and fastest way to build applications for iPhone and iPad. Our focus so far has been on the underlying framework. The video below includes a demo of an iOS app we created in Xojo. I showed a small part of this app at the Xojo Developer’s Conference earlier this year.