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Month: September 2021

Updated Tutorial: Active Words

This post was originally published in 2018 and has been updated to use Xojo API 2.0.

Follow this tutorial to create active, aka clickable, words in the text of a TextArea control in your Xojo projects. Learn to use the Object-oriented Delegate design pattern to dynamically change how your app reacts when the user clicks on those active words. Best of all, this project is cross-platform, so you can use it for macOS, Windows and Linux!

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Update: ipify for Xojo

There are plenty of times when your Xojo apps might need to know the public or external IP address is, and there are a lot of web sites or services that you can use with Xojo to find that. I found ipify to be easy to use

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Updated: Make Your Own Classes Iterables

In programming, iterators are the mechanisms that allow us to run through all the items of a collection without needing to know in advance how many of them compose that collection. To do this, we can use the commands For Each… Next in Xojo. What are the main differences when comparing For Each… Next with the conventional For… Next? See how the For Each… Next loop iterates every item associated with the object. It’s a more concise, stylish and Object-Oriented (OOP) way of doing things when compared with the classic For… Next loop.

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