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Month: July 2021

Enumeration Enhancements

Xojo 2021r2 introduces a couple of enhancements to Enumerations in Xojo. The enumeration editor now shows a preview of what the value will be so there’s no more guessing or counting. In addition, we’ve added a new Binary option which allows you to automatically create sets that aren’t mutually exclusive.

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New Additions to PDFDocument

Xojo 2021r2 brings more enhancements, new features and a bunch of bug fixes to the PDFDocument class. Among these, probably the most important is the arrival of PDFDocument for iOS. But you’ll also find new features like adding annotations and links to your PDFs, new PDF viewer options and the ability to jump to a specific page in a PDF.

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5 Tips for Small Businesses Dealing with Online Trolls

Unfortunately dealing with online trolls is every businesses’ business these days. It’s not if but when your company or brand will have to deal with a troll. And that can be hard, disheartening and stressful, especially for small businesses. Here are 5 tips our team really tries to use when dealing with trolls.

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