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Month: March 2015

Downtown Austin Restaurants Near #XDC2015

It’s been over 7 years since Dana persuaded me to come interview with Xojo and leave the downtown law firm I’d been working at. Downtown has changed a lot in that time, some of it is barely recognizable. So many of my old haunts are gone but I’m not looking back, I’ve discovered a whole slew of new dining experiences in downtown. As I mentioned in my earlier post covering things to do while visiting Austin, there is nothing a Texan loves as much as talking about food. Austin offers an eclectic and seriously yummy variety of restaurants, here are some local favorites you should try while in town for #XDC2015.


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Texas For Everyone

Looking for something to do after #XDC2015 wraps? I grew up in Houston but lived in Austin for 10 years and I can confirm that after talking about food, showing off the great state of Texas is a Texans’ favorite thing to do! If you have any questions about things to do or places to visit, feel free to grab one of us locals (or former locals in my case) for more details!


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Guest Post: Serial Communications with Xojo

Wayne Golding has been a Xojo developer since 2005. He operates an IT Company Axis Direct Ltd which primarily develops applications using Xojo that integrate with Xero  Wayne’s hobby is robotics where he uses Xojo to build applications for his Pi2 often implementing IoT for remote control.

When receiving data from remote sources there are two options available, one option is where the source will send a packet size followed by the data, the other is where the packet is terminated. Today we’re going to look at the terminated version.

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Xojo Cloud Databases: Add, Connect & Manage

One of the most popular Xojo Cloud feature requests was to add database support. On Tuesday Feb 10th, we added MySQL and Postgres databases for Xojo Cloud. In addition to having a database server right on your Xojo Cloud server, we have also enabled the creation of SSH Tunnels so you can connect directly to the databases using a 3rd party management tool.

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But it said DataAvailable…

But it said DataAvailable…where is all my data?

I’ve seen this a few times and have made the mistake once or twice myself. You write some code with TCP sockets and rely on the DataAvailable event as if it means “all your data is here”.

But it’s not. So the code you wrote that parses the data into its components keels over because you only have part of what you were expecting to have. And so you ask: “Why isn’t all my data here”?

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Pi Day

Pi day this year is special because the year also fits into Pi, making it possible to have a specific “pi-time” (at least in the US where we write the month first). March 14, 2015 at 9:26:54AM has this value of Pi: 3.141592654.

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iOS Declares from the Xojo Community

Our user community has been busy enhancing the capabilities of Xojo for iOS with Declares!

We have been quite pleased with the feedback we’ve received about Xojo iOS, but we are commonly asked when Xojo will support a specific iOS feature that it does not yet have. We will be adding new iOS features with each release, but you may not have to wait for us to add a feature. With a bit of knowledge about CocoaTouch and the use of the Declare command in Xojo, there are many things you can take advantage of today.

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