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Month: December 2014

Xojo iOS Examples

Need some inspiration or some helpful code to get your first Xojo iOS app started? Take a look at a sampling of the iOS example apps that are included in Xojo iOS!

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Oh, Say Can You C?

There is a “bug” here, can you spot it?

dim s as string = "abc" + chrb(0) + "def"
dim c as cstring = s
if s = c then
  msgbox "Yay our software works as we expected!!!!"
  msgbox "BOOOOOO!!!!"
end if
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Hell Freezes Over…

About two years ago a Feature Request was filed for the Web Framework to allow users to handle incoming requests in standalone apps for things which would normally return an HTTP 404 Missing Page error. At the time, there were a few obstacles in our way which prevented bringing this request to fruition, but no more…

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