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Using The iOS Documentation

Information about Xojo iOS and the new Xojo framework is included in the new documentation site. Here are some tips to help you get started with it. If you haven’t already, download Xojo now.

When you visit the site you’ll start at the Home page. Here you can do a search or quickly jump to commonly used topics.


On the left side you’ll find the Navigator. You can expand the sections to see additional topics. There are Expand All and Collapse All buttons at the top right.

As you click on topics, they open in new tabs within the doc site. You can close individual tabs as needed. If you’d rather not use tabs, you can switch to “Basic” mode using the View menu at the top of the site.

Also, at the top of the site is a drop-down for Google Translate that you can use to quickly translate a page to another language. Since this uses Google Translate, keep in mind that everything on the page is translated (including sample code) and that Google Translate sometimes results in unusual translations.

In addition to the online docs, a PDF version (with inline links) is included with your Xojo installation in the Documentation folder (Xojo Reference Guide.pdf). You can use the PDF to read on your mobile device or print (it is in portrait format).

These docs are obviously quite new and will continue to be expanded over time, but we welcome your feedback. At the bottom of docs pages there is a “Was this helpful?” section with Yes/No buttons. Please use this feature to send feedback on the page, especially if you know of additional information that you would like included.