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Month: January 2022

Simplified: Adding User Interface Controls at Runtime

The process of adding new controls to windows (or containers) at runtime has been greatly simplified. Instead of having to deal with control arrays, when you use Xojo 2021r3 or later you can call the new AddControl method on the DesktopWindow (or DesktopContainer) where you want to add the new control. Continue reading and I will show you how!

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Desktop: Adding Controls at Runtime

If you have been using Xojo, you may be used to adding Controls at runtime using Control Sets. You may not know it but beginning with Xojo 2021r3, there is a better way. Using the new Desktop Controls introduced in Xojo 2021r3, you can add Controls to a DesktopWindow at runtime using AddControl, just like you do with Xojo Mobile and Web projects.

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