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Month: March 2023

Filtering the Debugger

Starting with Xojo 2023r1 you’ll find a new feature in Xojo’s Debugger panel that allows you to filter the objects and variables displayed, even between different project runs! This lets you stay focused on the more important objects and variables instead of scrolling through the list of all entries.

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Matrix Math

A feature in some other languages you may have seen is something called matrix math. These are operations you can perform on matrices, which are 2-dimensional arrays. Xojo does not have any matrix math functions built in, but using the Extends command you can add your own.

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Thank you, MVPs

The MVPs do a lot for us and, as much of it is behind the scenes, I wanted to thank them publicly for the time and contributions they make to the Xojo community. Though you may not always see it, the Xojo MVPs – Jérémie Leroy, Kem Tekinay, Anthony Cyphers, Christian Schmitz, Martin T and Wayne Golding – bring ideas to us and help identify solutions. Often this leads to an outcome that is ultimately an improvement for the community.

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Testing REST-based Web Services

Using Xojo’s URLConnection to communicate with web services is pretty straightforward. But testing the actual REST API calls can get tricky. To make it easier to test and experiment with REST API calls, Paul created a app in Xojo for doing just this. He called it RESTy in its original format back in 2015. You can download the updated project here built with Xojo 2022r4.1.

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No, we don’t have plans for a XDC 2024

If recent years have informed anything in my life, it is that life is short and also that life is always changing. So it is with enthusiasm I am coming to London for XDC next month. As you probably recall, we had been trying to host an Xojo Developer Conference in London for years but the COVID 19 pandemic had other ideas. But after a successful XDC in Nashville, Tennessee in 2022, we felt the climate was right and we collected data saying the demand was high. We felt this despite reading again and again about the decline in in-person and virtual event attendance. Now, please don’t worry the Xojo Developer Conference in London is going to be an excellent event.

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