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Month: October 2014

Guest Post: Xojo Networking by Eric Gibbon

Eric Gibbon has been a Xojo developer since 1999. When not heading up the Birmingham, UK Xojo User Group, you can find Eric at where he offers consulting services and develops bespoke multi-platform multi-user databases for Mac, PC and the Web using Xojo.

Last year work wasn’t going so well, and I was feeling down. I had lost my “Xojo mojo”. As a freelance developer it can be hard to do everything you need to and it is easy to get bogged down. Sometimes you need a fresh injection of ideas and opinions, to see what other developers are doing and how they do it.

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Xojo’s iOS Support and 64-bit

As you may have heard, Apple announced that as of February 1st, 2015, all new apps submitted to the iOS App Store must support 64-bit. It was already our intention to be in beta testing on 64-bit in that timeframe. However, our original plan was to support Linux first since more and more Linux servers now only support 64-bit. Instead, we will support iOS first followed by the x86 platforms.

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How Vulnerable Is Google?

Google is by far the most popular search engine in the world with 71% of the market. While Google does many things, they make over 90% of their revenue from ads. In terms of revenue, that means that Google is a one-trick pony. If users switched en mass to another search engine, could Google’s ad revenue quickly dry up?

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