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Xojo’s iOS Support and 64-bit

As you may have heard, Apple announced that as of February 1st, 2015, all new apps submitted to the iOS App Store must support 64-bit. It was already our intention to be in beta testing on 64-bit in that timeframe. However, our original plan was to support Linux first since more and more Linux servers now only support 64-bit. Instead, we will support iOS first followed by the x86 platforms.

There have been several times over the years when platform requirements changed, requiring us to reprioritize and rapidly provide a solution. The last time this was the issue with QuickTime and the Mac App Store. In the case of 64-bit, we were already working on it. Apple has only accelerated our timeframe somewhat and changed our initial platform for 64-bit to iOS.

Regardless, 2015 will be our year for 64-bit and you can rest assured that it is our top priority to at least be in end-user testing by February 1st.

Update: Xojo iOS support for 64-bit was released with Xojo 2015r1.