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Month: August 2015

Don’t Give Mobile the Cold Shoulder

A recent article on Computer Business Review asks “Why are developers giving mobile the cold shoulder?” The article cites the State of Mobility 2015 Global Developer Study by Progress (they do not provide a link to the study).

Perhaps the reason is because mobile developers have not yet tried to see how quickly you can create mobile iOS apps with Xojo?

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Computers For Cross-Platform Development

Since we make a popular cross-platform development tool, I’m often asked “what type of computer should I get for cross-platform development”?

You might think that can be a tricky question to answer because they are so many different types of computers. But there is only one computer that can run the three major operating systems without violating a EULA: a Mac.

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Take A Core Dump: What to do when your app crashes on Linux

With many things in life, more choices means more freedom of expression. We can pick and choose what we like personally as a way to express ourselves. Such is the world on Linux. The myriad of different Linux distros along with all the different Desktop managers and Window managers available are daunting. While more choices is nice (in general anyway), it can also cause more confusion. As a cross-platform developer, you’re probably aware that every operating system has their own way of dealing with crashes and crash reports.  On Linux this is no different, but it is more confusing because not every Linux distro plays by the same configuration. This blog will answer some fundamental questions you may have about what happens when your application crashes on Linux.

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Left Handed: Being Outside The Norm

Being that it’s Left Handers Day and I am left-handed, I thought I’d share some interesting facts about being left-handed and how it relates to Xojo, Inc.

At Xojo, the percentage of left-handed people has always been high. Currently 33% of our staff is left-handed. I can’t explain why that is. I don’t think we have a bias towards lefties. On the other hand, my brother who is a lawyer specializing in employment law, will tell you handedness is not a protected class in the US, so we could discriminate if we wanted to do so. Nah, you righties are interesting and fun to watch. 🙂

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