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Don’t Give Mobile the Cold Shoulder

A recent article on Computer Business Review asks “Why are developers giving mobile the cold shoulder?” The article cites the State of Mobility 2015 Global Developer Study by Progress (they do not provide a link to the study).

Perhaps the reason is because mobile developers have not yet tried to see how quickly you can create mobile iOS apps with Xojo?

One of the reasons mentioned in the study is a “lack of time”. When it comes to languages such as Swift, Objective-C or Java and tools such as Xcode or Eclipse, I can completely understand. Those things are all incredibly complicated and take a lot of commitment to just get to a simple understanding.

But with Xojo, you can build a native iOS app in just minutes.

The CBR article even notes that 57 percent of developer have never created a mobile app. That seems surprising, but if developers think current tools are too difficult and time-consuming, it makes sense.

If you’re one of the developers giving mobile the cold shoulder, perhaps you should take a look at Xojo. It’ll take you less time to watch this video on how to create a useful, native iOS app (Xojo Notes) than it will to watch the season finale of Mr. Robot!