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Xojo 2014r3 Introduces Xojo iOS and Simple, Annual Pricing

When it comes to software licensing and pricing, the goal is to provide just the right amount of flexibility without making things too complex. It’s difficult, however, to do this without some trial and error which means we occasionally make changes.

With Xojo 2014r3 we are introducing simple, annual pricing for all Xojo licenses:


We have found that having a separate license for accessing database servers is unnecessarily confusing and costly to our users. With the release of Xojo 2014r3, we are including database access with Xojo Desktop and Web licenses! If you purchased a new Xojo Desktop licenseor Xojo Web license within the last 90 days, your license has already been updated to include database access at no charge.


To further simplify our pricing we have changed to a single, annual USD pricing model. This means the price will be the same for new and renewal licenses and all prices are in USD- no matter where you are purchasing from. Single-Platform Desktop and Enterprise licenses are unchanged both in terms of licensing and pricing.

None of this changes how your Xojo license works. As always, can still continue to use your licenses after they expire but will not have access to new releases until you renew.

Automatic Renewal

The first time you renew or purchase Xojo after December 2014 via our website (PayPal and other non-website purchases do not activate auto-renew), you activate the auto-renewal feature. This means your Xojo license will be automatically renewed and your credit card charged every 12 months. Once it’s activated, this feature can be turned off for any specific license at any time from the Licenses page in your account. However, if you are reasonably sure you plan to renew, we would appreciate you leaving this feature on as it helps us to plan and make Xojo better. All renewals placed through the auto-renewal feature will include a 10% discount.

Getting Xojo iOS

If you don’t have Xojo Pro, you have two options. First, you can purchase a new Xojo iOS license for $299 USD. Second, you can upgrade your existing licenses to Xojo Pro. Upgrade discounts are calculated from the remaining value of your existing Xojo licenses. To find out your discount, log into your account and select which licenses you wish to upgrade from your licenses page.

If you already have Xojo Pro, you have three options. First, you can add iOS to your existing Xojo Pro license for $199 USD (contact me at for this option). With this option, your Xojo Pro license will be upgraded to include iOS through the end of your current expiration date, whenever that may be. This may be a good option for you if your license doesn’t expire for many months. Second, you can renew your Xojo Pro license for $699 which will give you Xojo Pro with iOS and add an additional year to your license. Third, you can purchase a new iOS license for $299.

If you purchased or upgraded to Xojo Pro within the last 90 days, your Xojo Pro license has already been updated to include iOS at no additional charge.

What About My Licenses?

If you have specific questions about how these changes effect your licenses or your recent purchases, please contact me, Alyssa, at I am more than happy to help you figure out how you can get the most benefit from these changes!

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