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Xojo iOS Examples

Need some inspiration or some helpful code to get your first Xojo iOS app started? Take a look at a sampling of the iOS example apps that are included in Xojo iOS!

The Psychedelic example demonstrates the use of a Canvas and touch events:PsychedelicExample.pngThe Xojo Notes example is a working app for managing notes. It uses two views, one to show the notes in a Table and another to add/edit them. The example also uses JSON to save the notes to the device.
XojoNotes.pngXojoNotesDetail.pngThe Tic-Tac-Toe example is a working two-player game. It uses Auto-Layout so that the board resizes appropriately on different device sizes and when it rotates:TicTacToe.png
The Tip Calculator is a full app that you can use to calculate tips when dining at your favorite restaurants:TipCalculator.pngThe UIDatePicker example demonstrates how you can use Declares to access iOS features not yet built-in to Xojo for iOS:UIDatePicker.pngThe Font example shows you how easy it is to change the text font:


There are 50 iOS examples included with Xojo, so be sure to check them out!

Have questions about Xojo iOS? Ask here or on Twitter @Xojo!

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