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5 Reasons to Rely on Cloud Services

The Cloud is everywhere these days. And lots of companies offer Cloud products or services. Why should you use them?

1. Synchronized Data
A big benefit of using a cloud product over something installed on your computer (or device) is that your data is available anywhere you have an Internet connection. You can work on a document in the cloud when you are working from home and it will be immediately available to you when you go back to the office.

Cloud Hosting

2. Easy Installation
Or more precisely, no installation. To use cloud software, you just have to enter the URL in your web browser. You don’t have to download and install software. Nor do you have to worry about upgrading anything. It’s all transparent and easy for you.

3. No Administration
Sometimes you can install software on your own web server to get cloud benefits without having to pay for a service. This is useful, but you still are left with having to do the installation, manage security and handle upgrades yourself all of which can take significant time and expertise. If you go with a cloud service, you let the service provider do all that work for you.

4. Consistent Pricing
With a cloud service, pricing is typically a small amount per month. This has the benefit of being a predictable expense that can be far easier to justify to management than something with a large up-front cost. And many cloud services providers offer an alternative up-front yearly payment at a reduced rate for those that want to save money.

5. No Worries
Essentially, with cloud services you don’t have to worry about maintaining the software you use to do your job. You only have to worry about doing your job.

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