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Xojo Apps in the Mac App Store

We regularly get customers asking if it is possible to put a Xojo-made application in the Mac App Store.

The answer is simple: Absolutely.

However, you’ll have to pay heed to Apple’s rules regarding the Mac App Store and follow their very stringent requirements.

Their full checklist is here:, but you’ll need an Apple Developer account to read it.

Here are just a few of the things to keep in mind as Xojo developers:

  • You’ll need an Apple Developer Account, which costs $99 per year:¬†
  • You’ll need a Mac since you cannot run the other necessary tools or properly code sign your app on Windows or Linux.
  • Your app should be compiled for Cocoa. Carbon apps can be submitted, but do not work well with sandboxing (see below).
  • Do not save your preferences to SpecialFolder.Preferences as this will cause your app to be rejected. Instead save your preferences in Application Support in a folder named the same as your app or use the native Cocoa API for dealing with preferences.You’ll have to manually update some settings in the Info.plist file in your app bundle.
  • You have to provide a 1024×1024 pixel icon.
  • If your app is not free, you will want to verify the DRM receipt so that the cannot be copied an used anywhere.
  • All apps submitted to the Mac App Store must be sandboxed. This means you have to set up the appropriate plist files that specify what entitlements you need.
  • You will have to create an installer using PackageMaker (part of Xcode).
  • You will have to code sign your apps using the codesign command line app included with Xcode.
  • You will need to use the Application Loader app (also included with Xcode) to submit your app to Apple.

Xojo developer Thomas Tempelmann put together a comprehensive guide to submitting Xojo apps to the Mac App Store, which you can get from his web site: