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Making A Difference With Xojo

We hear from our users regularly about the success they have with Xojo. They tell us about how much their users love the software they have created with Xojo and how it has helped, in some cases, to change lives. There are Alzheimer’s patients holding on to memories longer. There are police detectives tracking down Internet predators to help keep children safe. There are scientists who are able to study DNA faster than ever before. Xojo has enabled these users to create software that helps improve the human condition. There is nothing more gratifying for us to know that we played a part in that.

Apple just released a 10 minute video showing how some iOS apps have helped change lives. It’s a great video and well worth the time to watch it. If it doesn’t make you a bit emotional, you might be dead. But as I watched it, I realized that it could just as easily be about Xojo users. It’s really great to know that we are helping each of you make a difference.