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Introducing Xojo Cloud

Introducing Xojo Cloud, the best way to build web apps is now the best way to host them. Xojo Cloud is Secure, Easy and Maintenance Free and the 1-click hosting will make deploying your apps quick and simple!

Creating web apps with Xojo has always been incredibly easy. But deploying them to a public site required that you had a properly configured web server, not something that is easily accomplished. Now, with Xojo Cloud you never have to:

  • keep Linux up-to-date
  • install librariesBuildSettings.png
  • manage security
  • manually build and upload
  • manage permissions
  • worry about performance

With Xojo Cloud, deploying your web app is an easy, three-step process:

  1. Select “Xojo Cloud” in Build SettingsDeployButton.png
  2. Click Deploy on the toolbar
  3. There’s no step 3

You can purchase a Xojo Cloud Server from the Xojo Store. Servers are available in various memory sizes and start at $49.95 per month. You can deploy as many web apps as you want to a server, memory permitting.

That’s really all you need to know, you can read more about Xojo Cloud in User Guide Book 3: Development, Chapter 1: Deploying Your Applications, Section 3: Web Deployment.

Here are a couple example apps running on Xojo Cloud that you can try:

Follow us on Twitter (@xojo) for the latest information about Xojo Cloud and check out this 1 minute demo video!

Update: Xojo Cloud Database Support for MySQL and Postgres