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Fun with Files: Webinar Recap

The Fun with Files webinar (which occurred on Tuesday, April 8th) covered many ways that you can work with files in your Xojo apps. Did you miss it? If so, here is a quick recap.

TextInputStream and TextOutputStream

As you might guess, these classes are used to work with text files. I demonstrated some example code that would read in a text file and display it, along with some code to save text files, using a Text Area and a List Box as the source for the text.


The Binary stream example was very simple and I also discussed how you might want to use a BinaryStream to process a “fixed-format” text file.


Xojo has many XML related classes. I showed everyone how to create an XML file from scratch using XMLDocument and other classes. We also looked at loading and parsing XML files and talked abou the XMLReader class.


I demonstrated how to use the JSONItem class to create a JSON data structure that can be saved as a file or transmitted over the network. I also showed everyone how easy it is to convert a Dictionary to a JSONItem so that you can persist it easily.

Virtual Volume

Lastly, I demonstrated how the VirtualVolume class can be used to create a custom file format that itself can contain multiple files.

Wrap Up

There was also some discussion about using SQLite databases and ZIP as file formats.

The Fun with File webinar is now available on our YouTube channel so if you were not able to attend live, you can watch it at your leisure. And of course, there are many other webinars there for you to watch as well.

Be sure to sign up for next week’s webinar: Dynamic Controls.

Have a question about files? Ask me here or on twitter!