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6 years and still ticking…

Hard to believe that this year marked my 6th anniversary with Xojo.

I’ve seen a ton of changes over those 6 years – never mind what I’ve seen happen in the 15+ years I’ve been using the product. I’ve been using it literally since before version 1.0 came out since I was on the list for all the developer previews way back when.

Despite all the changes over the years, it never ceases to amaze me how much old code I have laying around that, when I open it in the very latest version, requires few if any significant changes to continue working.

iOS might be the first time in 15 years that a project won’t just open and work “as is” since were taking the opportunity to update and revise so many things; the compiler, the IDE, the frameworks and, well, everything is getting a serious review before it makes its way into iOS. Existing desktop, web and console projects won’t be affected – in fact they’ll get some new things as a result of the work we’re doing for iOS!

And that’s a good thing because we’ve had the old frameworks for the better part of 15 years. Yes, they’ve been updated and tweaked as new versions of supported OS’ are released. And there have been additions. But they’ve really never undergone a complete top to bottom review like we’re doing for iOS.

I’m really excited to see all this work get into people’s hands and see what everyone does with it.

Like the web framework, iOS presents a whole new realm of opportunities and changes to Xojo that should be good for the next 15 years…Until then, I’ll keep on ticking along.

Norm “Timex” Palardy 🙂