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Using combit List & Label with Xojo Windows Apps

Thanks to some assistance from William Yu and the folks at combit, we now have a sample project that shows you how to use List & Label with Xojo. List & Label is a Windows (.NET-based) reporting tool that can create some sophisticated reports.

This is the List & Label report designer as opened from a Xojo app:


You can print a report by using the List & Label event called CmndDefineFields. This event is passed to the Xojo EventTriggered event handler on the OLEContainer that is used in Xojo. In this event handler, you can supply the data you want to display in the report.

The data can come from any source, including databases, files, text or directly from your app (such as in a ListBox).

To try out List & Label with Xojo, download and install combit’s 30-day trial and then test it out with the sample project which displays a report of the customers in the Eddie’s Electronics SQLite database.

You can grab the example from the List & Label web site and it will also be included with the next version of Xojo.

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