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Your Anti-Virus Software and Xojo

We’ve occasionally heard from Xojo users that their anti-virus software gives them a warning about Xojo. All of these have been false positives and we ask that you report these to your virus software makers if it happens to you.


Occasionally, Norton Internet Security will flag Xojo debug apps and can prevent you from being able to debug your Xojo apps. If you use Norton and encounter this issue there is a simple solution.

1. Open Norton

2. Go to Settings

3. Go to Antivirus and SONAR settings

4. Select “Items to exclude from scans”

5. Click add Folder, type in the full path to your work files, Click “Apply”

6. Click “Add File” and type in c:usersuser_meappdatalocaltempdebugmy applicationdebugmy application.exe – apply (change “user_me” to your username)

7. REPEAT Steps 5 and 6 for “Items to exclude from auto-protect, SONAR and download intelligence detection”

8. Norton may have removed and quarantined some of those files, so you’ll need to restore them via the “Advanced” section in Norton, or you can re-download Xojo and Norton will now leave it be.

If you get a message from your anti-virus software about Xojo feel free to contact me about it and please report false positives to the company. Your reports will help fix these issues.