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#Learn2Code: Xojo For Students of All Ages

I get a lot of questions about Xojo from students of all ages- from 10 year-olds to university students and others who want to learn to program- so I thought I’d gather all the resources Xojo has to offer for students.

Can I learn to code in Xojo for free? Yes!

Do you have free books on Xojo? Yes!

Can I ask Xojo my beginner questions? Yes!

The Xojo language is Object-Oriented, which is a great way to learn the fundamentals of computer programming. In addition to being cross-platform, Xojo is a Rapid Application Development tool, which makes it easy for you focus on developing your app rather than learning multiple languages.


We offer a lot of resources to help anyone interested in learning to code with Xojo. But we do have some specific resources that will interest and assist students learning the fundamentals of coding and Xojo:


Introduction to Programming With Xojo–┬áThis is a solid resource for learning the fundamentals of programming. While you will use Xojo, the concepts introduced are applicable to any language you may choose to learn later. In our experience, this book can be helpful to students as young 12 or 13 years old! We also have a Teacher’s Guide for educators planning on using Xojo in the classroom.

iOS Booklet– This booklet shows you how to use Xojo to develop for our latest supported platform, iOS!

From the Xojo Blog Archives

First and foremost, who should learn to code!? Everyone!
A recap of some of the things we did for Computer Science Education Week in December 2014.
Making Games with Xojo – a 2D Physics Engine
Xoppy Bird – Flappy Bird in Xojo
A recap of December 2013’s Hour of Code
The Flat Earth for Young Software Entrepreneurs– Things have changed since the 1970’s. Today, a 12 year old with a good idea and determination can create an app and start selling it with little up-front cost.
For your teachers: Hour of Code: Math Facts – Here’s something teachers can do in an hour: create a web app that lets their students practice their math facts.
Got an hour (or less)? Hour of Code: Spelling Test – Here’s a quick app you can make with Xojo that will save you time and help your child practice their spelling words more often.
Earn the Boy Scout Programming Merit Badge with Xojo.

On-Demand Webinars & Videos

Retro Gaming – A fun webinar for beginners! Remember the Atari 2600? In this webinar we’ll create a simple clone of Combat, step-by-step.
This Playlist of videos is geared towards Introducing you to Xojo.


Want to see it done? Watch these Tutorial videos. Tutorials take you step-by-step through the code, showing you how to create your own customer controls, access the serial port, build an iOS app and more. Keep checking in as we add new Tutorials!

Other Resources

We’ve also put together this document with step by step instructions on how to get started with Xojo. And of course the Xojo Blog is always full of tips, announcements, and news about Xojo and cross-platform development. The Xojo Forum is a good stop when you want to crowd source your answers or get in touch a Xojo expert.

What do you need to start learning to code with Xojo?

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