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Asteroid Run: Xojo’s Hour of Code 2017

It’s Computer Science Education Week, which also means it’s time for’s Hour of Code.

To share Xojo with Hour of Code, I’ve put together a short 5-part series of videos (less than 25 minutes total) to show how to make a simple game called Asteroid Run.

In Asteroid Run a spaceship flies through space shooting an ever-increasing number of asteroids that are coming at you.

To get started, download Xojo – it’s free!

Asteroid Run Part 1: Initial Setup

In part 1 you will do initial setup and add a scrolling background starfield.

Download project

Asteroid Run Part 2: Add Spaceship

In part 2, you will add the spaceship and allow it to move with the mouse.

Download project

Asteroid Run Part 3: Add Missiles

In part 3, you will add the missiles that are fired from the spaceship when you click the mouse.

Download project

Asteroid Run Part 4: Add Asteroids

In part 4, you will add the asteroids and make the game end when an asteroid hits the spaceship.

Download project

Asteroid Run Part 5: Finish the Game

In part 5, you will finish the game by making the ship’s missiles destroys the asteroids for points.

Download finished project