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Web App Security- It’s For More Than Just Your App

Web apps built with the traditional tools (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc.) are nothing more than a series of text files and thus not very secure. Once a hacker gets into a server, they can steal your code or modify it. One big advantage web apps built with Xojo have is that Xojo compiles your app to machine code so there’s no code on your server to steal. Additionally, the overwhelming majority of hackers have no experience with machine code, so modifying your app to do something nefarious can be extraordinarily difficult.

Having said that, most apps don’t exist in a vacuum. Your web app likely reads and writes files or connects to a database. If you create your app in Xojo your app is protected, but any files your app works with are not. This is one reason we spend so much time and energy making Xojo Cloud as secure as possible. In addition to reducing the chance a hacker might delete your application (causing you unnecessary downtime while you redeploy it), Xojo Cloud’s security protects your sensitive data in the other files and databases your app uses.

When you consider what it could cost if a hacker got his hands on your private data, the cost of Xojo Cloud is negligible. No one can guarantee 100% security but, the more you have, the more likely hackers will look for an easier target.

Web App Security