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Guest Post: Part 2, The Power of Templates

Read Part 1 for a simple solution to set up a transparent label in Windows.

Xojo has three default project types on Windows (four on OS X with iOS).

Xojo Windows Project Chooser

These project types can be overwritten by placing suitably named binary projects in the Template Folder. See page the Templates section fo the User Guide.

So having already created a project with our transparent label, we don’t want to have to do that every time we create a new desktop project. We can save time by creating a template and copying it to the program files Xojocurrent version Templates which will allow us to select that template when creating a new project.

Xojo Project Template

But if we saved our project with the name “Default Desktop Project”€ in binary format then that will override the Desktop project on the choose a project dialog.  Due to Windows permissions, it is necessary to save your project elsewhere and copy it to the program files folder.

Program Files Folder Windows

Now when I create a new desktop project my transparent label is already included.  Of course I also have routines to get and set the main window location in the registry.

You can download my template here. If you do download this project, make sure to replace “Axis Direct Ltd” with your own organisation.

Wayne Golding has been a Xojo developer since 2005. He operates an IT Company Axis Direct Ltd which primarily develops applications using Xojo that integrate with Xero  Wayne’s hobby is robotics where he uses Xojo to build applications for his Pi2 often implementing IoT for remote control.
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