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Android Design Extensions 2.6 for Xojo 2024r2+

Xojo 2024r2 has just been released and it’s time to update the Android Design Extension which is now available in version 2.6.

This small update runs exclusively for all Xojo 2024r2+ versions and now offers methods to access a few more system details, such as specific folders (MobileApplication.GetCacheDirXC, GetDataDirXC, GetFilesDirXC, etc.) or methods for checking screen properties like MobileApplication.IsScreenHdrXC, IsScreenRoundXC, ScreenHeightDpXC, or ScreenWidthDpXC.

Feel free to take a look at the developer repository, create feature requests, and provide feedback on extending this extension library.

I’m happy to receive any voluntary financial support for the work I’ve done so far, which you are welcome to share here. You can download the project with many examples at

Happy coding.

Martin T. is a Xojo MVP and has been very involved in testing Android support.