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Easy as Pi: GPIO updates

We are always keen to see apps and projects that Xojo developers have made for their Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3 single-board computers. Especially since Xojo 2019r1 when building for Pi Desktop and Console is free with Xojo Pi!

I am pleased to announce some updates to our GPIO project to make it even easier to use more types of hardware in your Raspberry Pi projects.

The Xojo GPIO library, version 1.5 is now available on GitHub and adds support for these hardware features:

  • LCD character display
  • Servo motor
  • Buzzer tunes

Some of these features were enabled by adding support for the wiringPi SoftPwm and SoftTone methods. In addition, Servo, LCD and RGBLED can be controlled using simple classes.


Head on over to the Xojo Dev Center for tutorials on how to these new features:

Why work with a simple text editor and the command line when you can instead use a fully-feature IDE to create Raspberry Pi apps for your projects?

Like the rest of the Xojo GPIO library, these new features work similarly to features in commonly used Python GPIO libraries. Now you should be able to readily adapt Python code to work in Xojo so you can more easily create great Raspberry Pi projects!