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Event Name Reversion in 2019r2.1

In this release we have reverted the changes we made to event names in 2019r2. We did this because for developers of add-ons to Xojo, the amount of effort to support users still using older releases of Xojo was going to be too great. If you have already converted some or all of the events in your projects to the new ones, fear not. When you open your project in r2.1 it will automatically revert them back for you.

The rest of the changes we have made for API 2.0 are still in place. Because of this reversion, Xojo 2019r2 is no longer available for download.

For more information on API 2.0 and 2019r2.1, see the User Guide and the Moving to API 2.0 document, and the blog.