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Simplicity and Security, Xojo Cloud is Ideal Hosting for Xojo Web Apps

Xojo Cloud is the premier hosting solution for developers looking for a reliable, secure and high-performance hosting environment for Xojo web applications. Xojo Cloud is developed specifically for Xojo web applications and offers a range of benefits for you and your applications that make it worth the investment.

Xojo Cloud is optimized for Xojo applications. It is specifically designed to provide the best possible performance and stability for Xojo web applications. We optimize Xojo Cloud for performance, so your web apps will run smoothly and seamlessly. You can even monitor server stats from within the Xojo IDE.

Xojo Cloud is focused on simplicity and ease of use and requires zero configuration.┬áDesigned with the Xojo developer in mind, Xojo Cloud’s Control Panel makes it easy to deploy and manage web applications. Purchase a server, open a web project in Xojo and click Deploy to upload and install to Xojo Cloud. Not just for web apps, Xojo Cloud includes Apple Push Notification server (APNs) support for your iOS apps. Set up SSL, PostrgeSQL, MySQL, SFTP and a SSH Tunnel with a click in the Xojo Cloud Control Panel (the Control Panel itself is a Xojo web app). The administration of a web server is a significant and constant task; Xojo Cloud allows you to leave that behind and focus on your projects.

We take security very seriously. Xojo Cloud offers advanced security features to protect your data from cyberthreats, including a smart firewall, intrusion and hacking detection and Security-Enhanced Linux. Unlike most hosting solutions that provide little to no security, each Xojo Cloud server is built with our state-of-the-art, industrial-strength, multi-tiered security system woven into its very core. 

Additional features and benefits include daily automatic backups, load balancing and support from the Xojo team. With nine global hosting locations, you are able to host your Xojo web applications close to your users, for speed and an ideal overall experience.

Xojo Cloud offers 3 packages offering options on RAM, storage and vCPU starting at $49/month.

In addition to the standard options, Xojo Cloud servers with more RAM, storage and Virtual CPUs are available. Contact customer support for details about personalized plans. 

Whether you are a seasoned Xojo developer or just getting started, Xojo Cloud provides an intuitive and user-friendly hosting solution for Xojo web applications. Today is a good day to start using Xojo Cloud, visit our website to learn more or see the Xojo Store to pick your package and location.