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Author: Joe Ranieri

Advanced Retina/HiDPI: BitmapForCaching and ScaleFactorChanged

The most direct way to support HiDPI* for custom controls is to draw into the Graphics object passed into the Paint event. That graphics object is already configured with the appropriate scale factor and double buffering- the entire control will be handled correctly by the framework if the DoubleBuffer property is set.

*As with other posts, we’ll use “HiDPI” to refer to both HiDPI on Windows and Retina on OS X.


Testing The Compiler

Over the course of the last year, there have been a huge number of changes to the Xojo compiler (just under 800 commits). We made large refactorings, like rewriting how unqualified name lookup works. We fixed around 35 bugs, some of them dating back years. We added major new features to the language, including ‘Using’, Iterators, and new data types. To top it all off, we shipped support for a completely new platform, iOS, and then met Apple’s deadline for building 64-bit iOS apps.

And after all of that, we ended up with around eight regressions in the compiler. While not the perfect zero, I think this is just as impressive as the changes themselves.

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