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The End of Carbon Support

In June of last year we deprecated our support for Carbon. If the word “deprecated” doesn’t mean anything to you, it means that we are no longer updating it. Our Cocoa framework is in very good shape and most of you have been able to easily transition your apps over to building for OS X using the Cocoa framework. It will soon be time to take another step.

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Too Much Security Is Never Enough

This week we have seen another example of why you can’t be too paranoid about Internet security.

Code Spaces, a company that specializes in svn hosting (hosting your source code so your team can access it) announced that their servers were hacked big time. Apparently, the perpetrator began with a Denial of Service Attack then gained access to Code Spaces’ Amazon EC2 account. He or she then contacted Code Spaces via email in an attempt to extort a large fee to stop the attack. When the folks at Code Spaces attempted to take back control of their Amazon EC2 account, the hacker deleted all of their data including backups and off-site backups. Unable to recover, Code Spaces has made the decision to shutdown completely. The cost of the attack is just too great to continue.

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