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Tag: Women in Tech

Xojo Monthly Round Up: JSON, NASA & Punny References

We’re starting a new thing! At the end of each month we’ll round up a few of our favorite things – from blog posts, announcements, technology, science and whatever other stuff the Xojo team thinks was noteworthy and I’ll post it. It’s the new Xojo Monthly Round Up!

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#Learn2Code: Xojo For Students of All Ages

I get a lot of questions about Xojo from students of all ages- from 10 year-olds to university students and others who want to learn to program- so I thought I’d gather all the resources Xojo has to offer for students.

Can I learn to code in Xojo for free? Yes!

Do you have free books on Xojo? Yes!

Can I ask Xojo my beginner questions? Yes!

The Xojo language is Object-Oriented, which is a great way to learn the fundamentals of computer programming. In addition to being cross-platform, Xojo is a Rapid Application Development tool, which makes it easy for you focus on developing your app rather than learning multiple languages.


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