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Spread the Word, Grow the Community

A bigger community is always beneficial to its members. More Xojo users lead to more ideas, more discussions and more resources for everyone. At Xojo we aren’t just marketing a development tool, we are advertising our truly amazing community! However, marketing is inherently met with a degree of skepticism. You say it can hold 12 times its weight in liquid, but can it really?

This is where you come in. When we hear someone talking about something they personally use and really like, we are more likely to give the product credibility. Word of mouth is the most common way people get new information. Today’s “word of mouth” is more likely to be framed in 140 characters rather than 10 minutes of water cooler talk. Searching online is another way people find new stuff. I vividly remember the day I was shown Google for the first time. It was a huge improvement over whatever we used before Google. Newsites and blogs are yet another way we learn about new things. I learned about CrossBasic (which is now Xojo) from a user post on

In these same ways, your support can help grow the Xojo community. Sharing your experience exposes others to Xojo and can lead to them joining our community. All you really need to do is share what you are doing with Xojo, your favorite feature, your love of the community, whatever stands out in your experience. Whether you blog it, tweet it, post it in a review (here, here or here are good places to share!) or mention it at lunch this week, we encourage you share your Xojo experiences with others.

Sharing your experiences not only helps grow the community but it provides others with the chance to find out if Xojo will help them as well.

Do you have a story about someone who learned about Xojo from you? Tell us about it in the comments or on Twitter @xojo.