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Xojo Wars: May The Source Be With You

Last week we kicked of the Xojo Wars community battle with a webinar describing what it is and the prizes you can win. Here’s more information for those that could not attend or have not watched the recording.

What is Xojo Wars?

Xojo Wars is a retro space battle between four ships. It was the coding contest at XDC 2015 and it proved to be so much fun we decided to open it to the entire community.

You participate by writing the code to control your ship. Your ship is always moving forward, but you can control direction, firing and teleporting. In addition, you are given the location of enemy ships so you can track positions for attack or defense.

Anyone can participate in Xojo Wars, regardless of your Xojo programming experience. You don’t have to know how the Xojo Wars game works in order to write code for you ship. You only have to write your code to the simple Xojo Wars API. And the Xojo Wars source includes four sample ships for you to study! If you are new to Xojo this can be a fun way to get started since you can participate using the free version of Xojo!

How do I get it?

Xojo Wars itself is open-source and can be downloaded from GitHub:

You can download the full source, including the readme of rules and the Xojo Wars API.


Winning Xojo Wars

Your ships fight against other ships in a series of battles to accumulate the highest score. You get a point for each ship you hit, but you lose a point for each ship that hits you. The top four scores play a Championship Battle to determine the winner.

The winner gets a great prize package, including:

In addition, 2nd and 3rd place will each get:

  • Smart Packer Pro X

When is the Contest?

The contest takes place live on July 14 at 1p ET (register here). Get your ship code to me ( by July 7.

If you have additional questions, be sure to watch the webinar, carefully read the readme on the GitHub site or ask me questions (, @lefebvre on Twitter).

May the Source be with You!

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Watch the exciting final battle of Xojo Wars!