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Using FTP With Xojo Cloud….Or Other Servers

If you log into a Xojo Cloud server with an FTP client and have your app make changes to that server (such as creating or deleting files or folders), your FTP client will NOT see those changes, even after a refresh. This applies to Xojo Cloud or apps you have on another server.

It’s standard FTP behavior but it may not be what you expected. To see the changes you made, you have to double-click into that folder where you made the changes and THEN do a refresh. In other words, refresh only refreshes the level of the server you are looking at; simply clicking the disclosure triangle for a folder isn’t enough. You need to double-click into the folder with the changes and then refresh. Disconnecting and reconnecting will not do it because you are still looking at the cache. The only other way to do a refresh is to quit your FTP client so that the cache gets deleted.

Questions about using FTP with Xojo Cloud, ask me here or send me an email.
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