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Your First Raspberry Pi Xojo Project

You can develop and build console and desktop apps for Raspberry Pi 2 (and Raspberry Pi 3) using Xojo 2019r1 or later for free.

Download Xojo today and get started!

Creating a Xojo app for Raspberry Pi is incredibly easy. Just create the Console or Desktop app as you normally would, then click on Linux in “Build Settings” and change the Architecture property in the Inspector to “ARM 32-bit”. Now click Build to get an app that you can transfer to a Raspberry Pi 2 to run.

If you are new to Raspberry Pi, check out our Raspberry Pi page in the Dev Center:

One of the cool things you can do with a Raspberry Pi is connect things to its General Purpose Input/Output port (GPIO).

To help with using the GPIO port, Xojo ships with a GPIO module that, in conjunction with the wiringPi library, makes it easy to access the GPIO port.

Raspberry Pi LED blinker Xojo

For people new to electronics, creating a circuit to light up an LED is the equivalent of a “hello world” app. The Blinking LED Tutorial in the Dev Center shows you step-by-step how to create a circuit and a Xojo app to make an LED blink:

There is also a companion tutorial that shows you how turn on the LED when a button is pushed:

You can download the free Xojo IDE and start today! Xojo Pi licenses are free!

Have fun using Xojo and your Raspberry Pi!