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New Xojo Cloud Servers: Better, Stronger, Faster


Xojo Cloud has always taken the headaches out of setting up, securing, maintaining and deploying servers for web apps. Now Xojo Cloud servers are better, stronger and faster- all for the same great price!

This week we made available our new Xojo Cloud servers which are better in just about every way. First, we doubled the amount of RAM in each server. For the Small servers, this means they now have enough RAM to run MySQL and Postgres. Second, we increased the pipe size (which controls how much traffic a server can handle at the same time) by 10 times. Third, we switched the servers from fixed hard disks to faster SSD drives. Finally, for the Medium and Large servers we doubled the number of virtual CPUs to give you more computing power. We did all of this without changing the price of Xojo Cloud.

The change from fixed hard disks to SSDs is important to note because it means these servers no longer use virtual memory. SSDs are more expensive and virtual memory does a lot of writing to disk so virtual memory is no longer available. This means that if your app runs out of memory, it’s going to crash. If you start hearing from users that they have to log back in more often, it could be that your app is running out of memory either because you have a memory leak in your code or because your app simply needs more RAM.

In case of the former, you’ll want to look for places where you create large objects but perhaps never get rid of them. It may also be that your app simply needs more memory than your server has. The good news in this last case (which is more common) is that you can upgrade to a bigger server anytime.  Just contact Customer Service to help you upgrade.

Xojo Cloud servers already save you money by saving you time. Now they give you even more bang for your buck. If you’re building a web app, check out Xojo Cloud today.

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