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Guest Post: Part 1, Transparent Label Tip for Windows

Wayne Golding has been a Xojo developer since 2005. He operates an IT Company Axis Direct Ltd which primarily develops applications using Xojo that integrate with Xero  Wayne’s hobby is robotics where he uses Xojo to build applications for his Pi2 often implementing IoT for remote control.

When developing for Windows, it’s not immediately clear how to set up a transparent label. If you change the background colour of your Window, you could end up with that ugly gray label. And of course I always forgot to set the transparency until after the debug run. But I’ve found a simple solution.

First drag a label from the Library to the Navigator.

chose label windows

Rename the label to something useful – I use TransparentLabel because I have my library sorted without grouping and this will place the label quite close to the Text Field/Text Area controls.

Next, contextual click the label (right click) and select Inspector Behaviour (bottom entry on the menu).  This will present the Inspector Behaviour dialog.  Scroll down to the Appearance group.

appearance group

Edit the default value of Transparent to be true.  After clicking OK you have a new control in the library:

transparent Label Windows

It’s conveniently close to the Text Field & Text Area controls where I am most likely to want to grab it from.
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