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Tips & Tricks: The New Local Documentation Viewer

The new local Language Reference viewer in Xojo 2016r1 supports some useful tricks in its filter field.

This new local Language Reference is enabled by default in new installations. You can also manually enable it in Preferences by choosing “Use built-in documentation” in the General tab.

You can of course search for several things at once by entering a list of keywords separated by spaces, but you can specify that results should only be of certain types using the “type:” qualifier. So a filter like “table list type:class” will find everything that matches “table” OR “list” and is a class.


Oh, and yes you can even include multiple types to do something like “table list type:event type:class”.

For even more specific filters, you can also specify where the results should come from (the older wiki or the new Dev Center) by using the “source:” qualifier with “wiki” or “devcenter”. For example “integer source:devcenter” shows only Dev Center pages containing “integer”.


XDC 2016 Houston, Texas