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Programming the Raspberry Pi with Xojo Book

Just in time for Xojo 2017 Release 1 and its Remote Debugger for the Raspberry Pi, we released a new book “Programming the Raspberry Pi with Xojo”. The book contains 19 chapters that introduce you to the Raspberry Pi, take you through setting it up and covers learning about Xojo programming for the Pi. Develop and build console and desktop apps for the Pi using Xojo 2019r1 or later for free (download)!

The book includes 8 step-by-step projects for creating a variety of Xojo apps for the Raspberry Pi, including: a text adventure, a music player, a game, Internet access, a web app, plus hardware projects.

Raspberry Pi + Xojo is a great way for anyone to learn about computers and how to be a programmer. Check out the table of contents:

  1. About Raspberry Pi
  2. Setting Up Your Raspberry Pi
  3. Xojo Overview
  4. Remote Debugging
  5. Xojo Programming
  6. Program Structure
  7. OOP with Classes
  8. Project: Find Seltzer Text Adventure
  9. Files
  10. Graphical User Interfaces
  11. Project: Music Player
  12. Internet Access
  13. Project: Cat Pictures
  14. Project: Catch Xojo Game
  15. Web Project: Family Notes
  16. Interfacing Hardware with GPIO
  17. GPIO Project: Blinking LED
  18. GPIO Project: Digital Clock
  19. What’s Next

Read the book online at the Xojo Dev Center or download a PDF.