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Using Raw HTML in Xojo 2017r1

One of the most frequent requests we get about the web framework is the ability to include raw HTML code when setting text. Starting in 2017, this is now possible… and perhaps ironically, it’s activated using an html-style tag.


The simplest way to see this in action is to see it in a label.

  1. Create a new Web project.
  2. Add a WebLabel instance to WebPage1
  3. Set its text to “This is a <raw><strong><em>test</em></strong></raw>.”
  4. Run the project.
  5. The label’s text should be “This is a test.”

Using <raw> tags

So you’re probably wondering where you can use these <raw> tags. The answer is just about anywhere…

  • App.DisconnectMessage – You can now add a link to the message to help users get back to your app if they get disconnected.
  • App.LaunchMessage – Add some text styling to the text that appears below the app icon.
  • WebLabels
  • WebCheckboxes
  • WebLinks
  • WebListboxes*
  • WebRadioButtons

* You may have noticed that we added pictures to WebListbox in 2016r4… now you can add any html tags to a listbox cell if you want to!

Go have fun with this new feature. We’re looking forward to seeing how you use it!