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Best-Laid Plans: 64-bit Windows Debugging

In his poem, “The Mouse”, Robert Burns wrote:

The best-laid plans of mice and men oft go astray…

As Burns so eloquently stated, no matter how carefully you plan sometimes things just don’t work out. Anyone who has done software development for long knows this all too well.

While Xojo already has 64-bit debugging for macOS and Linux, we had planned to include 64-bit debugging for Windows in 2017 Release 2 which will be shipping next month. As you may know, we rely on the open source LLVM compiler and toolchain for our 64-bit support. This provides huge advantages for us and you with features like 64-bit, ARM and performance optimizing, all with a lot less work compared to providing the entire compiler toolchain ourselves. The downside is that we are now dependent upon the LLVM project. While the LLVM team has been making fast progress, Windows debugging is not quite ready. We are confident it will be ready soon but there’s so much great stuff in Xojo 2017r2, we don’t want to delay it any longer.

If you have an active Xojo Pro license, you can test all the great new stuff coming in 2017r2 now (64-bit XojoScript, Windows Resource Compiler, and more). If you don’t have Xojo Pro but would still like to contribute to testing Xojo releases before they ship, go here to find out more.