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A Better Alternative to PHP

Are you tired of the hassles of creating web apps using PHP? Why not develop faster and smarter with Xojo?

Like PHP, Xojo is object-oriented. Unlike PHP, Xojo has a coherent framework design that is easy to work with; plus the Xojo language is simple and focused.

Work Faster with an IDE

Save yourself time and trouble by using an integrated development environment (IDE). Why juggle text editors, FTP software, web servers and everything else you need to develop using PHP? With Xojo, you just need the IDE itself. Plus Xojo has a visual layout designer. You can design your web pages by dragging and dropping controls and positioning things how you want.

Xojo Visual Designer Web

Learn One Thing

Rather than having to master the details of PHP, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS and other somewhat related technologies, with Xojo you only have to know Xojo. You write your code in the Xojo language. Don’t worry about HTML or JavaScript -although you can if you want, Xojo is flexible. Xojo creates the HTML, CSS, JavaScript and AJAX code on the fly at runtime.


Do you have existing JavaScript controls that you want to use? Take advantage of the Xojo Web SDK, which provides an API for you to integrate JavaScript (and HTML) controls and frameworks into Xojo.

This is Yahoo’s Rich Text Editor in a Xojo web app:

Xojo UI Editor

Easy Deployment

Of course you can deploy your web apps to your own properly configured servers. But if you don’t have web server configuration experience or you just want a simple and secure deployment option, you can use Xojo Cloud. Hosting with Xojo Cloud is as easy as clicking the “Deploy” button in Xojo; your app is built and uploaded to your Xojo Cloud server for immediate availability. You don’t have to worry about permissions, security or configuration.

See a Xojo web app hosted on Xojo Cloud here:

Xojo Web App

Free to Develop

Xojo is free to use for learning and development. Download and try it today and see why people are choosing the simplicity of Xojo.