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The Best Cross-Platform Secret Weapon You’ve Never Heard Of

In today’s world, the only way to be sure you are reaching all your potential customers is to target multiple platforms. But cross-platform development is crazy-hard, right? Perhaps, if you are using tools like Java, Qt, Delphi or Xamarin it certainly can be. But with Xojo, cross-platform apps are simple to create.

In fact, Xojo lets you easily cross-compile desktop apps for Windows, macOS, Linux and Raspberry Pi. Plus, you can use the same Xojo language to create web and iOS apps too (Android coming soon!).

How does it work?

Xojo always builds your apps as native executables for your platform. There are no virtual machines and no interpreted code. And Xojo uses mostly native controls so that your apps have the look and feel that your users expect on each of those platforms.

You simply check the box next to the target platforms you want and click the Build button. Xojo does the rest.

Xojo has been around since 1998 offering the ability to create Mac apps, over the years adding the ability to create Windows, Linux, iOS, web and Raspberry Pi apps – and we’re currently working towards Android support!

Develop on Your Favorite OS

The Xojo IDE itself is written in Xojo. This means it is cross-platform itself, so you can use Windows, macOS or Linux as your development platform. Because Xojo makes things easy, you are able to build for any platform from any platform (with the exception of iOS which requires a Mac for development).

Installing Xojo is Painless

Unlike other tools that have a complex installation process with lots of dependencies, installing Xojo is simple and quick with nothing else to worry about. You’ll be able to download and install Xojo and probably have your first simple app made before other tools even finish installing.

Easy to Start, Fast to Develop

Use drag and drop to design your user interface and write your code within Xojo using its powerful code editor with auto-complete.

You also don’t have to learn the specific OS programming APIs. Xojo abstracts you from complex OS details allowing you to easily create apps for multiple platforms without extra work.

Learn and Develop for Free

Even better, it costs you nothing to get started with Xojo. You can download Xojo for free and start using it to develop apps. You can make your first app in minutes, check out these 2 minutes videos showing you how for Mac, Windows and Linux apps! Learn to code with Xojo – develop, run and test your apps all before buying a license. Purchase when you are ready to compile your app so you can share it with the world.