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Xojo and Windows 11

We are excited about Microsoft’s announcement regarding Windows 11. A large portion of Xojo users develop on and/or for Windows. The new UI looks fantastic and will be a welcome upgrade for Windows users. Xojo and apps written in Xojo will run without modification on Windows 11.

How will the new UI in Windows 11 affect apps written in Xojo? Historically Microsoft has had many different API sets for providing the user experience on Windows ranging from Win32 to .NET to WPF. Earlier this year Microsoft announced that WinUI 3.0 will bring all of these together allowing for a unified look and feel and user experience regardless of which API is being used under the hood. Microsoft plans to finalize WinUI 3.0 by the end of this year. Once they do, we can begin planning to update the Xojo Windows framework to support it.

Windows 11 UI Controls, Image Credit: Microsoft

The first beta of Windows 11 is scheduled to be released next week and we will be testing the Xojo Windows framework on it. We will have more blog posts as more information becomes available about the next generation of Windows.