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In Support of Ukraine

Xojo stands firmly in support of Ukraine. Everyone has the right to live in safety and we are heartbroken by the escalating crisis in Ukraine, a sovereign nation where over 3 million innocent civilians have been forced from their lives, their homes and their families.

Xojo will donate 10% of total revenue for the week of March 21st to Global Giving’s Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund (Charity Navigator Score). History proves that humanity’s greatest strength comes from supporting each other and standing together. Xojo stands in solidarity with Ukraine with the goal of peace, safety and freedom.

If you don’t purchase Xojo this week, you can help Ukraine in many other ways. Charity Navigator offers a rated review of charities so you can be confident your donation will go directly to people in the Ukraine. Our friends over at Paradigma Software have started a GoFundMe for their team members in the Ukraine.