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Non-Visible Characters in Strings

As a follow-up to our post on Escaping Quotes in Strings, someone asked how they might deal with something such as the tab character in a String. Unlike with a quote, dealing with a non-visual character (such as a tab or end-of-line) in a String is trickier because you can’t actually type those characters. So instead you have to refer to the character another way.

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Why I am excited about XOJO.CONNECT … and why you should be too!

Geoff used an interesting metaphor in a conversation recently. He said, “Since we have been working on so many multi-year projects, 2019 had a bit of a drought of big new features, but in 2020 we are predicting rain … lots of rain.” This really got me thinking about how different XOJO.CONNECT 2020 will be from the past few Xojo Developer Conferences.

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